Norbert Essing



Freedom, independence and responsibility in all their facets are what concern me most.

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, I was influenced firstly by being able, as well as having to decide for myself what had to be done each day and secondly, by taking over responsibility for myself and others. And I learnt at an early age what a privilege it was not having to answer to anyone – except to oneself, one´s family and one´s customers or clients.  

I value the quality of being down-to-earth, my Westphalian roots, ambition, acumen and intelligence, yet at the same time a cosmopolitan approach and international exchanges, as well as discretion, loyalty, trust, sincerity and straightforwardness, and also conviction.

Open dialogue, confrontation with one's counterparts and the new, exciting and meaningful aspects emerging from these, notably the contribution I can make to success, are what inspire me. As a young man, I discovered that the broad field of communication would be my calling. I took my first steps into journalism, in both print and radio and TV, then studied Communication and Politics while also working full-time for a major broadcaster. As a result, I realised early enough that working in the field of communication in an internationally active concern would allow for more real freedom, a broader overview, more insight and development potential, demand more responsibility and present more of an intellectual challenge than journalistic activities could offer. Nevertheless, I am grateful for what I was able to see on the "other side".

Moving into the corporate communications sector in leading global enterprises and taking over top management positions were the next logical steps. These were understandably followed by a step into self-employment and building up my own consulting firm operating at relevant points in industry, several awards and subsequently the formation of additional companies.

As an entrepreneur and consultant who is also deeply committed to his clients and identifies closely with them, I am free to decide who I wish to work with. A consultant relationship cannot materialise unless I feel that the other party, the client, carries conviction. Only then can convincing results emerge. It is not economic considerations that have priority, but the assignment, also its relevance and at the same time, knowing one is on the right side – and fighting for this with great conviction. This is also freedom, which is essential for success.

And on the personal side, it is the family that counts. Personal details do not belong in the internet – full stop.