Norbert Essing



In 2014, "Geltinger Birk Sandkoppel GmbH", a company wholly-owned by enterprises belonging to the Essing family, acquired the former Sandkoppel Barracks near Nieby.

The location of this piece of land, measuring some eight hectares (80,000 sq. m), is unique. High on a hill, it borders directly onto one of the most important nature conservation areas in Schleswig-Holstein with wild horses and wild cattle, rare species of birds and plants, in an absolutely secluded spot only a few meters from the shores of the Baltic Sea and with an unspoilt view over both the conservation area and the Baltic Sea as far as Denmark, across the Flensburg Fjord and the Danish Islands.

Here, the company is developing a holiday village with forty-one superior quality houses in three different styles set in unsurpassable surroundings, thatched, generously adapted to the landscape and catering for sophisticated holidaymakers with families ( As a result, the North Angeln region, an area of offering some breathtaking scenic experiences, will also gain  significant impetus from tourism.