Norbert Essing



Norbert Essing Kommunikation GmbH (NEK) has offices in Munich and in Westerkappeln, near Osnabrück.

Founded by Norbert Essing in 1999, the company quickly developed to become one of the most influential and leading consulting firms for major and international enterprises in the field of corporate communications and reputation management. As a rule, NEK operates in close consultation with CEOs and other executive board members and directors, as well as with supervisory and administrative board chairmen and other board members.

Most of these companies are publicly listed, having their headquarters in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria or the USA and belonging to the leading stock indices – DAX 30, FTSE, Dow Jones, SMI, STOXX etc. In addition, selected key family businesses and entrepreneurial families are also among its clients. It is part of NEK´s corporate policy not to disclose information on clients and client relationships. NEK declines to publish client names for its own purposes.

NEK does not take on clients on a project basis, but only becomes active if the client and NEK are in agreement that a long-term client relationship should be developed on a basis of mutual trust. This is the only way to achieve lasting success. The vast majority of its clients has been served by the company for six, seven and even up to sixteen years. Activities focus on close consultation and support, developing and implementing strategic and tactical communication, as well as offering communication and consultancy services during decisive, critical or important phases experienced by a company or top manager.

Alongside NEK, Norbert Essing has formed several related companies in the communications sector together with other partners, in which he also holds interests. The idea behind this is to work for clients within the scope of an effectively structured network.