Norbert Essing


In place of an editorial

„In order to be a faultless member of a flock of sheep, one must, above all, be a sheep oneself.“
Albert Einstein

It is systems, it is the constantly changing and constantly changed synergistic and confrontational interaction shaped by people that fascinates – because ultimately, this is the decisive factor. The organisation of social systems, the shaping of companies, their active individuals, their rise, their critical phases, their successes and their threats, or systems formed by political action, these have always occupied and utterly enthralled me, giving rise to a passion, a conviction and a calling which reaches far beyond what could be described as the profession of "communication".

By working in, with and on systems – whether they be functional or dysfunctional –, by penetrating and gaining a deep understanding of them, elements of opinion landscapes arise. Opinions are facts. Facts determine capacity for action in modern society.  And this in turn defines the scope within which companies can be successful – or perhaps not. Identifying correlations and explanations, generating understanding, making realities complete, creating alternatives is how I would describe my assignment.

I respect entrepreneurial personalities and people who build something up. Out of deep conviction, I am an entrepreneur, consultant, colleague, fighter for the right side and gladly also a confrontational counterpart. And I am thankful that we live in a society which allows me to make this a profession. Freedom is the basis. There is nothing more to say – in place of an editorial!

Norbert Essing


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